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5 Design Trends to Consider for Your Dream Kitchen


From farmhouse sinks and Pinterest-inspired flour sack dish towels to smart storage solutions and quiet, high-performing appliances. Many homeowners dream of updating their kitchen with the latest features.

Whether it’s stylistic or practical, a new kitchen is a major investment and decision. To help you stay on track with your renovation.

ASL Remodeling guides you choices regarding design, guaranteeing that your vision is realized via expert craftsmanship and premium materials.

1. Open Shelving

One of the most popular kitchen design trends, open shelving offers a unique way to display beautiful dishes, serveware and decorative items. This can make a kitchen feel more welcoming and personal. Plus, shelves can fit into non-standard spaces that might be occupied by cabinetry or are too small for standard cabinets.

Consider using a mix of wood and metal shelves with distinct hardware to create a sophisticated look. Or, run shelves all the way to the ceiling for a layered effect that can showcase collections like houseplants, artwork and antiques.

Of course, it’s important to strike a balance between contemporary styles and timeless elegance. That’s why it’s best to choose design elements that won’t look dated in the future, such as timeless tile and countertop combinations and classic cabinet styles.

2. Ample Natural Light

Whether through an expansive window wall or skylight, natural light transforms the mood of your kitchen. The mood-boosting light brightens the space, creating a more inviting feel while complementing various design styles.

Porcelain countertops offer a durable alternative to classic granite and marble, plus they are stain & scratch-resistant. Their smooth, lustrous finish adds visual interest to the kitchen.

Going against a long-held minimalist trend, Kinugasa-Tsui predicts that kitchen walls will become interactive with pegs for displaying kids’ artwork and magnets to serve as the family noticeboard. This allows the kitchen to become less of a strictly functional workspace and more of a social hub in the home.

3. Smart Storage Solutions

As any homeowner can attest, a cluttered kitchen is anything but pleasant. Open shelves may look picturesque when stocked with three cookbooks and cute knick-knacks, but they’ll soon become a breeding ground for dust and tchotchkes that don’t get used.

The secret to a beautiful and functional dream kitchen lies in smart storage solutions that maximize every inch of space. Whether it’s a pantry or pull-out shelves, these clever ideas keep your space uncluttered and organized without sacrificing functionality.

For example, vertical pull-outs can fit in between countertops or fridges, allowing you to stow away bulkier items like chopping boards or baking trays. Or, consider bespoke pantries and larders, calibrated to your specific cooking needs. 

These storage solutions allow you to tuck away your most-used appliances while keeping them within easy reach. 

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4. High-Tech Appliances

As more homeowners are becoming conscious of wellness and nutrition, they’re looking for a new kitchen that can help them stay healthy. This means upgrading to smart appliances like Wi-Fi refrigerators that track food expiration dates and recommend recipes to use up foods before they spoil.

Homeowners also want their new dream kitchen to be as quiet as possible so they can focus on cooking, dining and entertaining with friends and family. This means incorporating noise-reducing elements like ultra-quiet dishwashers, soft close cabinets and drawers and replacing noisy trash compactors with pull-out recycling containers.

A professional kitchen designer will also create a lighting plan that layers light to support different functions. They’ll incorporate ambient lighting to set a relaxing mood, task lights for meal preparation and reading and decorative lighting to spotlight focal points in the room.

5. Timeless Elegance

In a world of ever-changing trends, timeless elegance transcends fashion and captivates generations. It reflects quality craftsmanship, refined design and an inherent sense of beauty.

Achieving this elegant aesthetic is often a matter of finding the right balance between old and new elements. From blending classic and ornate accents with sleek modern furniture to creating an artful juxtaposition of styles, this trend offers a luxurious blend of design that withstands the test of time.

For example, Botelho sees a rise in natural wood cabinetry and reclaimed wood accent pieces, as well as earthy colors such as peach, terracotta, and moody brown shades. She also anticipates a growing interest in quartz countertops that offer a seamless transition from countertop to backsplash. This creates visual appeal and provides an easy clean-up without grout lines to keep your kitchen looking its best.

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