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Riders involved in motorcycle accidents frequently suffer from severe injuries and rapidly escalating property damage costs. Colorado motorcycle accidents have many potential causes, but reckless or negligent activity is surprisingly frequent. Here is a look at the most prevalent causes of Colorado car accidents.

Driving While Intoxicated (DUI)

Drivers break the law when they get behind the wheel after taking drugs or alcohol. In Colorado, there are severe consequences for endangering other motorists in this manner. Alcohol has a direct impact on a driver’s capacity to do so in a safe way, including:

  • Sluggish response times
  • Poor sense of distance
  • Balance problems

Intoxication increases the likelihood of motorcycle accidents. Check out this blog post via the Wilhite law firm to know what to do if you encounter a motorcycle accident. Also, consult an experienced lawyer to discuss your possibilities for filing a personal injury insurance claim if you were in an accident with a drunk driver. 

Driver negligence.

Serious motorcycle accidents are frequently the result of careless drivers. In many circumstances, negligent behavior is sloppy or unlawful, and frequent transgressions include a propensity to:

  • Violate a red light
  • Skip stop signs
  • Surpass the speed limit
  • Tailgate 
  • Weave between lanes
  • Drive too fast for the weather at the time
  • Go the wrong way on one-way streets.

Sometimes, parked cars’ doors unexpectedly open into the path of approaching motorcycles, seriously hurting the riders. This causes riders to either ram into the door, slam on the brakes, or swerve into other lanes of traffic to avoid obstruction. In dooring collisions, riders may be flung from their motorcycles, exposing them to being struck by oncoming traffic.


Legally, all drivers must obtain a specialized license, which necessitates passing a unique test and finishing a training course for motorcycle operators. However, training falls short of preparing new drivers for all potential difficulties.

For many new riders, for instance, driving on a highway for the first time poses a big obstacle. In Colorado, riding a motorbike safely requires practice and experience. These behaviors may be considered negligent if an accident involves a different vehicle or a pedestrian in Colorado.

Risks on the road

Not all motorcycle collisions are the result of other drivers’ carelessness. Collisions frequently result from hazards, especially when there is snow or ice on the roads. Riders may also sustain injuries if a motorcycle accident results from losing control due to potholes or other damage.

Colorado recommends that all motorcycle riders wear helmets as an additional layer of protection due to potential risks on the road. It is the safest equipment for riding a motorcycle on a public road, especially in bad weather.

Motorcycle defects

Accidents can sometimes happen when a motorist is not at fault, such as when a motorcycle manufacturer sells a defective product. Design or manufacturing flaws could jeopardize crucial safety features like braking or steering. In the event of an accident, a motorcycle accident lawyer can assist in putting together a responsibility claim that might facilitate your reimbursement.

The takeaway

Engaging a motorcycle accident lawyer is advisable to understand your rights and seek compensation for your damages if you have been hurt in an accident.

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