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What Is “Click Fraud,” And How Can You Protect Yourself From Falling Victim To It?


Pay-per-click (PPC) experts and digital marketers will be familiar with the phrase “click fraud.” It’s one obstacle among many when managing a profitable PPC campaign. As a business owner, you want to ensure that your advertising dollars are well spent. One of your major problems is Click fraud, which results in you having to pay for clicks that did not come from actual humans. Fourteen per cent of all clicks on internet advertisements are related to this issue. According to Google’s definition, “click fraud” occurs whenever a user clicks on an ad, page element, or content to generate more click income. Even though no company, not even Google, can eliminate the problem of click fraud, some actions can be taken to reduce the likelihood of it happening again. One of these is being familiar with the indicators of click fraud prevention and its possible causes and detection resources.

Prevention And Treatment Of Click Fraud In Google AdWords

To combat unlawful activity, Google’s traffic quality centre employs stringent steps, including screening, identifying, and banning fake accounts. These are carried out with the use of complex algorithms and human inspections. Clicks on your Google advertisements that are not legitimate will not cost you anything, thanks to Google’s automated identification. Even if click fraud perpetrators in AdWords manage to evade automated detection, you may still be entitled to credits to account for incorrect behaviour.

Advice For Avoiding Click Fraud

By 2022, ad fraud is projected to expand to a whopping $44 billion sector, posing a significant risk to advertisers. While publishers are taking precautions against click fraud, there are other things you can do to keep an eye out for and stop it.

Be Aware Of Your KPIs Closely

Aware of unexpected jumps in campaign activity or advertising expenses. When your advertising stats don’t match your current PPC approach, that’s cause for concern.

Furthermore, a bounce rate of above 70% is a worrying sign. If many visitors bounce after seeing just one page, click fraud may be to blame.

Better Hone Your Advertising’s Focus

Restricting your advertising reach is an effective strategy for preventing click fraud. You may manage the scope of your ads by focusing on specific geographies and demographics. Targeting audiences at various points in the sales funnel may also be given more emphasis in remarketing efforts.

Look At Where Your Viewers Are Coming From

To monitor suspicious behaviour, you may see the IP addresses of users that clicked on your ads. One of the most apparent indicators of click fraud is the occurrence of clicks from locations where you do not have an actual business presence. Depending on the publication, you may be able to blacklist offenders and prevent them from receiving your campaigns. There are third-party services that help identify click fraud that simplify this procedure.

Improve Your Pay-Per-Click Approach

Pay-per-click advertising, as you can see, benefits both advertisers and their target audiences. There is no need for advertisers to pay flat rates regardless of how well or poorly their campaigns succeed, and publishers are not restricted to flat prices regardless of how well or poorly their campaigns perform. However, because of its lucrative nature, it is a prime target for fraudsters who often abuse the system by defrauding businesses in highly competitive sectors, costing them a great deal of money directly and indirectly.


Unfortunately, as internet advertising and click fraud prevention becomes more sophisticated and offers more capabilities, so do those who commit click fraud. While reputable publishers like Google have implemented algorithms to detect click fraud, it is still in your company’s best interest to take precautions against it. One of the significant dangers to profitable PPC marketing is Click fraud. Expert PPC management for allocating your ad money wisely and rigorous monitoring of your campaign’s success across all channels is essential for achieving top results with PPC. Consult with PPC professionals to develop a PPC plan that is unique to your business and protected against click fraud.

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