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Top 7 Trending Gifts To Give Your Valentine A Token Of Love


Are you in search of unique and trending gift ideas to impress your girlfriend on Valentine’s Day? Before proceeding further, I must tell you are going to present the same gift that others will offer their girlfriend. The uniqueness occurs they you present your present yourself to your girlfriend, and that will give your valentine a token of love.

But it’s not easy as Valentine’s Day is a single-day celebration. Considering a week of valentine’s day as a festival of love can be true that starts on the 7th of February with rose day and ends with a grand Valentine’s Day on the 14th of February. So, we have brought the listicle of gifts for seven days through which you can express your love towards your girlfriend.

1 Heart-Shaped Roses Arrangement Bouquet

The romantic Valentine’s Week begins on the 7th of February; you must be familiar with a rose day. And to make it more romantic and unique, you present a huge heart-shaped bouquet with red roses. This symbolizes that true love start from your heart and adds a letter to express it towards her.

2 A Beautiful Ring

Now, it’s time to propose to her on the propose day that falls on the 8th of February every year, and presenting a ring is the evergreen option. And as I have told you before, it’s important how you approach to propose her. So, you can order a cake and put the ring inside it so that when she takes a bite, she will be surprised by it. 

If you are in a long-distance relationship, you can order the ring with a cake from online shopping sites for your gift delivery in Bangalore and other cities. Surprise her with a ring hidden inside a cake even if you are not with her.

3 Exotic Chocolate With Zari Clutches And Necklace

The next comes the 9th of February, a chocolate day, the perfect day to sweeten the taste of love. But giving simple chocolate doesn’t add any excitement and almost must be doing the same. So, you can add a gift like zari clatches and necklace that is by almost every girl, and it may add a token of love.

4 Grand Teddy Bear Made Of 1000 Roses

Teddies are the most favorite toy of girls, and they love to hug whenever they feel down. But what unique can you do for your soulmate on teddy day, which falls on the 10th of February? Well, you can present a grand teddy bear made of almost 1000 red roses that, itself, makes it unique. You can order it online and send it directly to your girlfriend if you are far from her.

5 Hearty Message Bottle

Now we are in the middle of Valentine’s Day and one of the most important days to decide the loyalty of your relationship. The promise day comes on the 11th of February and sounds very simple to celebrate. But still, you can make this special by creating a message bottle that includes the letters and promises that you want to make for her or share something confidential with her. This bottle of letters can be kept for years and make your bond stronger than before, even if you are far from her.

6 Personalized Cushion To Feel Your Presence

Hug Day, celebrated on the 12th of February, is something that can be celebrated if you both are present physically present. But, if you live in different cities, then personalized cushions can be one option where you can print your photo with a romantic message. Many companies are available on the internet that provides the services to send Gifts Online that can be easily delivered to your lover’s place.

7 Kissing Couple Tabletop Photo Frame

The next is kiss day and one of the romantic days of Valentine’s Day that share the date on the 13th of February. But many couples stay apart from each other due to work and educational purposes that make them unfortunate to meet on this day. If you are among them, then you can send a personalized tabletop kissing couple photo frame that contains a photo of you both.

Get Ready To Celebrate Valentine Day By Decorating Your Favorite Place

Finally, Valentine’s Day arrived on the 14th of February, the most awaited day for couples. On this day, you can surprise her by decorating your favorite place with some red balloons, love candles, and the petals of roses. If you have any idea about the decorative items, you can order a décor set available on various online platforms and impress your girlfriend with your efforts.

If you are living far from her in other cities or states, you can give a surprise visit on Valentine’s Day. You can order a cake to celebrate together in your favorite place you usually spend time together.

Bottom Line

These are the best valentine’s gift ideas that are enough to throw a token of love to your girlfriend for a whole week. All these gift items are easily available on online shopping sites where you can simply visit them, place the order and get it delivered to your preferred place. However, if you don’t want to go with materialistic things to impress your beloved sweetheart this valentine’s week, you can simply plan to spend quality time together by having a mouth-watering cake-cutting celebration.

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