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Top 7 Lifehacks for Crypto Bettors


As the betting market becomes more and more popular, so does betting with cryptocurrency. Betting with Bitcoin is a fresh concept for many sports betting enthusiasts. Yet, it has already gained wide acceptance among gamblers with its numerous advantages. After all, betting with Bitcoin has become a standard for those who prefer betting online. Of course, reputable gambling enterprises like Joo Casino accept not only BTC but other coins equally. 

1) Set a Betting Limit First and Foremost

You might possess 100 Bitcoins and 300 Ethereums, but that does not guarantee you will not lose them all. For every gambling event, it is compulsory to restrain your ignition to bet again and again. In betting with cryptocurrency, it is advisable to be picky and choose a betting event carefully. So, you must skip some games, even if your hands are itching to hit the bet button. Consult betting experts or look at betting reviews to figure out which betting events are worth your time and money. And still, do not step over your limit.

2) Research!!


Principal pieces of information about slots that you must know are:

  • Percentage of RTP;
  • Frequency of bonuses;
  • The history of developers (preferably; at least, know what developers are reputable);
  • Resembling games in case you want to make more profits.

Table Games

If you go for Blackjack and stuff, then make sure you know the rules — at least. Yet, also be attentive to what type of game you are going to enjoy. Moreover, the gameplay alters when you play live or in a single-player. It is advisable to play with real people because AI systems might malfunction or merely lag and erase your progress.

Sports Betting: Not Only Your Favorite Sports Team But Their Opponents Too!

Of course, a fan knows many details about their best-loved team. Yet, researching the opponents is an equal necessity. Betting sites provide betting previews and betting tips for every match. So, it is worth checking at least the top betting sites to have an idea about the current form of both teams. For instance, you can usually find statistics about matches played by each team in previous seasons. Yet, performance is not everything a gambler must take into account. Also be attentive to:

  • Injuries of both teams;
  • Who the trainers are;
  • Techniques of both sides.

Also, never neglect such facts as the weather. Some games depend on it more than others. Sometimes, you might want to bet on sports events that take place under a dome exclusively.

3) Play Safe, Bet Modestly

Your bet does not have to be ten Bitcoins, fifty Ethereums, and three Dogecoins on top. Vice versa, betting reservedly is the sole appropriate way of gambling. Furthermore, big losses will bring not only financial but also emotional damage. Losses will certainly keep you from betting for a while. So, better set low stakes to wager safely and maintain your motivation in sports betting. You can multiply your bet by playing gambling games like dice or slots. In any case, the best amount of money to deposit in one go is 0.1 Bitcoins, 5 Ethers, and 10 Dogecoins.

4) Read All Conditions of Bonuses Your Obtain

Bonuses are a great incentive to get people to try betting with Bitcoin or Ethereum. Yet, just like any other offer, bonuses have their conditions and limitations. So, do not be in a hurry to claim your prize money and withdraw it immediately. Make sure you can use that bonus effectively and never miss the expiry date.

5) Be Careful with Betting Sites and Read Their Official Documents

In case you failed to find live betting events online, try consulting other gamblers about best-loved betting sites. Also, do not take their opinions as gospel truth because they might have been paid or offered some discounts for promoting those or those sites. Read the terms and conditions thoroughly! Inform yourself about bets limits and bonuses before creating an account. Remember that rules are made to be followed, not broken!

6) NEVER Send Bets to Private Crypto Wallets

If a betting site asks you for a transaction to a private wallet, leave and preferably ban the company momentarily. That is how deceivers work. If you cannot find the company on trustworthy sites, then they are not worth your time.

7) Do Not Panic! Emotions are Not for Gambling

The most important rule is to be calm and confident in your skills. Even if you lose a significant amount of money, it is better to wait for some time instead of betting all out again. It is a wise decision to stay away from gambling for a while and give yourself some time for recovery.

Final Words

In conclusion, remember that there are many good opportunities in online sports betting with Bitcoin. It is only up to you to learn the rules and discover best practices. Never be in a hurry when wagering because your intuition will never fail you in such a manner. Good luck, and may the odds ever be in your favor!

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