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Top 10 Reasons Why Helicopter Tour is a Must-Do for Everest Seekers


Nepal is a country of many wonders, it boasts the world’s highest mountain range, stunning landscapes, and rich cultural heritages. Embarking on the journey to witness the glory of Mount Everest and other magnificent Himalayan ranges is a dream of many adventures.

While trekking in Nepal is very popular, helicopter tours to the Himalayan region has also gained quite a lot of popularity over the years.

The Everest base camp helicopter tour is a remarkable and exhilarating adventure the allows adventure enthusiasts to experience the awe-inspiring glory of the Himalayas from a unique perspective. This thrilling helicopter tour offers you a convenient and time efficient way to witness the majesty of the Everest Region without the strenuous trekking that is typically required for traditional treks like Everest Base Camp trek.

In this article, we’ll explore the Top 10 Reasons Why Helicopter Tour is a Must-Do for Everest seekers.

1. Stunning and up-close ariel views

The helicopter tour to Everest Base Camp offers unparalleled and exceptional views of Mount Everest. As you soar above the landscape, you will be treated to the breathtaking vistas of snowcapped towering peaks, deep valleys, and rugged terrain.

It takes you on a thrilling ariel adventure through the majestic Himalayas allowing you to witness the Everest summit up close, personal, and in a bird’s eye view; a sight few ever experience. 

On a helicopter, you will be closer to the mountains than on the trails. You will have a spectacularly good ariel view of Mount Everest, Everest Base Camp, Kalapatthar, Khumbu Glacier, Khumbu Icefall, Ama Dablam, Nuptse, Lhotse and many more high mountains.

Time efficient

The helicopter tour to Everest base camp is time efficient. Unlike the traditional multi-week trek to Everest Base Camp, the helicopter tour lets you reach the Everest Base camp and experience the highlights of the region in a matter of hours. This saves valuable time.

It is a time-efficient option for those who have limited vacation time or prefer a quicker way to witness the beauty of Everest without the commitment of a long trek.


The Everest Region poses several inevitable challenges. While trekking to Everest Base Camp you can face unpredictable weather, altitude sickness, demanding trails, etc. A helicopter tour lessens the risks as you fly directly to the location.

Helicopter tours are conducted with modern and well-maintained aircraft, which ensure safety during the journey.

The main hazard for helicopter tours is the weather, but it is significantly safer than trekking as helicopters only flies in good weather.

This minimizes the exposure to unpredictable weather, altitude related issues and the demanding trekking routes.

Accessible to everyone

Helicopters can reach remote and high-altitude destinations without the physical demands of trekking.

The helicopter tour to Everest Base Camp is also accessible to individuals who may not have the physical fitness and individuals with physical disabilities, making the Everest dream achievable, safer and more reliable for a wider range of adventures.

Ideal for all age groups

The helicopter tour to Everest Base Camp is ideal for all age groups.

As there is no minimum age requirement, this tour is suitable for all age groups, from young adventurers to older enthusiasts. Any age group can participate in this exhilarating tour to savor the Everest experience.

Local and cultural insights

While on your helicopter tour to EBC, you get a glimpse of local teahouses, traditional sherpa villages, culturally significant Buddhist monasteries, along the way nestled in the foothills of the Himalayan terrain.

This provides you with a richer understanding and insight into the region’s local traditions and cultures.

Bucket-List Fulfillment

The journey to Everest Base Camp and to witness the glory of Mount Everest and other towering peaks is a dream for many adventures.

A helicopter tour allows you to check this iconic destination off your bucket list safely and comfortably without strenuous trekking.

Photographic Opportunities

Nepal is a gifted land adorned with the glorious Himalayas and its landscapes. If you are a photographer or an enthusiast, a helicopter tour is the best choice.

The helicopter tour offers excellent photographic opportunities of the Himalayas, allowing you to capture stunning, eye pleasing images from birds-eye view.

You will get to capture once-in-a lifetime photos of the Himalayan landscapes and sunrise view from vantage points like Kalapatthar.


Helicopter tours can be arranged to suit your schedule and preferences. This allows greater convenience and customization.

Some tours allow for customized itineraries, letting you add stops at other scenic spots, such as Gokyo Lakes, Namche Bazaar, and Kalapatthar.

Memorable and unique experience

A helicopter tour to EBC is an unforgettable adventure that provides a unique perspective of the world’s highest peaks.

The ariel view provides a unique perspective of the surrounding landscapes, glaciers, deep valleys, and towering peaks.

You get to experience the challenges and thrills of high-altitude travel without the physical demands of trekking, making it a cherished memory for a lifetime.

Everest Base Camp Helicopter Tour from Kathmandu

The Everest Base Camp helicopter tour from Kathmandu, the capital city of Nepal, is a once-in-a-lifetime adventure that offers an unforgettable journey through the majestic Himalayas, providing breathtaking views and an experience.

The journey commences with a departure from Tribhuvan Internation Airport Kathmandu, which is situated at an altitude of approximately 4,600 feet (1,400 meters) above sea level.

As the helicopter takes off, passengers are treated to stunning aerial vistas of the Kathmandu Valley before embarking on a thrilling flight towards Lukla, the gateway to the Everest region. This journey takes approximately 50 minutes to an hour, during which you’ll witness the dramatic change in terrain as the helicopter ascends to an altitude of about 9,300 feet (2,800 meters) upon landing in Lukla.

Upon arrival in Lukla, a refueling stop may be necessary to ensure a safe and comfortable onward journey. This is an opportunity to stretch your legs and take in the surroundings, including the picturesque village of Lukla and the surrounding mountains.

The adventure then continues as the helicopter takes off for Pheriche, a beautiful settlement located at an altitude of approximately 14,000 feet (4,300 meters) above sea level. The flight to Pheriche is a short 15-minute journey, but it offers mesmerizing aerial views of the rugged Himalayan landscape.

One of the highlights of the tour is the shuttle to Kalapatthar, a renowned vantage point that stands at an impressive altitude of approximately 18,514 feet (5,643 meters) above sea level. The 10-minute flight to Kalapatthar is a thrilling experience, and upon landing, you’ll have a precious 5 minutes to take in the awe-inspiring panoramic views. This is an excellent opportunity for photography, capturing the majestic Mount Everest and the surrounding peaks like Pumori, Changtse, Lhotse, Nuptse, etc in all their glory.

Following the breathtaking visit to Kalapatthar, the helicopter will whisk you back to Pheriche. From there, you’ll continue to the Everest View Hotel, a renowned establishment perched at an altitude of approximately 12,720 feet (3,877 meters) above sea level. Depending on the time, you’ll enjoy either a hearty breakfast or lunch while surrounded by the Himalayan giants.

The Everest View Hotel lives up to its name, offering a mesmerizing spectacle of peaks that includes Ama Dablam, Lhotse, Nuptse, and, of course, the towering Mount Everest.

As your Everest Base Camp helicopter tour nears its conclusion, you’ll board the helicopter for a return journey, first flying back to Lukla and then making your way back to Kathmandu, completing an unforgettable adventure.

This incredible experience is available on a shared basis for up to 5 people, with prices ranging from $1,200 to $1,500 USD. It promises a unique opportunity to witness the grandeur of the world’s highest peaks, providing a profound appreciation for the unparalleled beauty of the Himalayas.

Everest Base Camp Helicopter Tour from Lukla and Namche

 The Everest Base Camp Helicopter Tour experience, whether embarked upon from Lukla and Namche or from Kathmandu, offers the same breathtaking vistas and awe-inspiring adventure. The only two factors that set this adventure apart are the price and privacy factors.

The Everest Base Camp Helicopter tour from Lukla and Namche costs between $1500 to $2300 per person, this option allows for a private trip, accommodating up to five individuals. This added exclusivity ensures a more personalized and intimate adventure. No matter where you start, the Everest Base Camp Helicopter Tour guarantees a truly unforgettable experience amid the world’s tallest peaks.

Inconclusion, the Helicopter tour is a must do for Everest seekers is a must do as it is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. To witness the grandeur of Mount Everest and Himalayas from above is unforgettable. Whether you’re short on time, have physical limitations, or simply crave a unique adventure, this tour is an absolute must.

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