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The Importance Of Wellbeing In A Classroom


Students are always under extreme pressure at most times, thinking about one assignment or the other, repairing themselves to complete their syllabus, and practicing every set possible for their upcoming exams. As long as they are students, there is no end to learning, and therefore there is no end to revising and taking examinations too.

According to recent studies, it has been noticed that students are signing up to different mobile teacher apps and websites not only to give themselves an extra space for learning but also for recovering from the constant pressure they are under. This is one of the reasons why the importance of mental health care services is integral in the life of a student, at all stages. The commonly known issues they have are related to anxiety, depression, and sleepless nights which is also known as insomnia. When it is left unchecked, it can become as severe as chronic depression and schizophrenia which can not only influence their educational background but their overall performance in life as well.

More than 63% of students that have been surveyed worldwide have expressed their overwhelming anxiety, mostly feeling the need of completing everything at once or nothing at all. This is one factor that leads students to procrastinate income and students who have problems with perfection will suffer in all ways possible because neither can they get the work done in a day, nor can they compromise. 

On the other hand, more than 87% of educators feel stressed because of the amount of pressure and responsibility they have. Teachers must be passionate at all times because if they aren’t, at some point in their career they will feel the profession weighing down on them rather than lifting them. They realize very well how important it is for them to be held responsible for educational quality, and how they can change the futures of multiple individuals. 

The pressure to compete

There is a term called competitive examinations, which might sound extremely common to all of us because we will be preparing for them at one point or other. Even if we do not sit for government examinations, we will compete with other individuals when we sit for job interviews, and entrance exams for multiple career options and professions. 

The pressure to compete begins not when we try to enter into a professional field of career, but at a very young stage in our life, sometimes right at kindergarten. Students usually do not feel the need to compete in their initial stages, here parents will take most of the pressure and would compare their children with others, eventually making it clear to them that their child must be better than other children.

Hence, students feel the need to compete with one another so that they can prove themselves in some way or the other, whether it is in academic or athletic terms, or any other professional skills that they come to realize in the future.

How can teachers ease the stress?

  • Make yourself available to students: Talk to them. Not only during the classes, but also outside the class, or personally at times in case you feel that a student is performing poorly or there has been a sudden switch.
  • Frequency in innovative activities: as you increase the number of creative activities, students can socially interact with one another and have a change of mind from the stressful situations they go through. Try to spice up the learning management system or mobile teacher app features for better functionality.
  • Counseling or Therapy: Most schools and universities have indeed not realized that students need therapy sessions where they can express their thoughts and self-reflect. This is because academic development is the only motive in the present times, and it is commonly believed that if students can learn and score better, they will have better opportunities in life. On the contrary, bad mental health would stop them from working hard, demotivate them. Therapy sessions will make a huge difference, if it is impossible to provide individual sessions, schools can hold common counseling classes and students must be allowed to come individually to the therapist in case we feel the need.
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