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Social listening


It is a social media strategy that consists of monitoring and analyzing online conversations on social networks, blogs, review sites, and other platforms to track how well a brand performs. NetbaseQuid LLC has two versions of its Social Listening Tool.

The first version is free to use and allows companies to analyze social media conversations about them on Twitter (the number of mentions), Facebook, LinkedIn, and YouTube. NetbaseQuid LLC also sells an enterprise version called the Social Listening Platform (SLS). This feature gives companies access to information from all other platforms NetbaseQuid LLC monitors. The enterprise version costs approximately US$400K a year, depending on a company’s volume of data requests, network size & bandwidth requirements. The company also offers services such as social media strategy consulting, social media marketing planning & implementation, and content management & distribution.

How To Use Social Listening To Improve Customer Service

1. Understand What Your Customers Are Saying

It can help a company better understand its customers’ needs as expressed through what people say online. It is essential for companies that rely on a direct connection with customers and fans, such as service businesses or entertainment companies. It can be crucial to customer service because it allows companies to respond where the conversation is happening rather than trying to find the conversation after it has already started. Most marketers agree that a quick response time is critical to improving customer satisfaction, and social media listening can help ensure that customers receive timely responses.

2. Learn About Your Audience

It can also help businesses better understand their target market by learning who their customers are, their preferences, and their interests. For example, a company may know from social media listening that specific customers prefer to use Twitter while discussing products on Facebook or that they’re interested in a certain kind of event or offer that the company didn’t previously offer. It can also help businesses identify new markets by assisting them in determining which people influence the audiences they may be targeting but only once knew about.

3. Learn More About Your Product

It can help companies learn more about their products and services by understanding the types of questions customers ask online and what they’re most interested in. This type of insight is precious if a company believes its product or service may not be as relevant as it once was. Companies can use this information as part of their marketing plan, or they may use it to develop new offerings that better meet customers’ needs. Suppose a company believes its product is not matching the expectations of current or potential customers.

4. Find Opportunities For Collaboration

It can also help companies identify potential partners and organizations that can help them achieve their goals. For example, if a company is looking to recruit people for a new project, it may discover other customers working on similar projects. Social listening can also help companies identify which platforms they should use when marketing their product or service, whether they’re more effective at receiving feedback through social media than traditional channels, and which marketing campaigns are the most effective.

5. Better Align Brand and Ad Campaigns 

Social media listening can also help align a company’s brand identity with the messages they want. For example, suppose a company wants to market itself as fun overall but doesn’t want to come off as being too silly or quirky in its campaigns. In that case, social media listening can help determine if that is how the people who are using their product or service are perceiving them. If a company wants to build its brand image into the messaging of its campaign, it should use social listening to ensure that the correct audience is hearing it.
Social media listening is a valuable tool that should be used in conjunction with traditional tools and tactics. If you are using social media to promote your products and want to gain the benefits of social listening, the free or enterprise version can help you find out what your customers are saying and learn more about their needs. It is a handy tool for many businesses.

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