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Product Liability: Class Action Suits that Affect Illinois Residents


When we as consumers buy and use a new product, we assume that it is safe and won’t harm us— and this is true the majority of the time. Unfortunately, there have been times when products approved for consumer use were later proven to be harmful, and this is known as a product recall. However, if the company knowingly sells a defective product, a class action or mass tort lawsuit can be brought against them. Here are seven current class action lawsuits that may affect Illinois residents.

Baby Formula

Doctors recommend that all infants be breastfed for the first six months of life, but this option isn’t feasible for many families, especially those with premature infants. The good news is that baby formula has come a long way and provides many of the same nutrients as breast milk. However, cow milk-based formulas can be dangerous for premature infants and put them at a higher risk of developing necrotizing enterocolitis (NEC). Enfamil and Similac are two popular brands that are made with cow’s milk, but so are formulas from Gerber, Earth’s Best, and Parent’s Choice.

Chemical Hair Straighteners

Also known as hair relaxers, chemical hair straighteners contain harsh chemicals that break down the bonds inside the hair cortex, making hair appear straighter. These hair relaxers can cause scalp irritation and burns (because they contain sodium hydroxide and ammonium thioglycolate), and even cancer in the most extreme cases. Most of these hair relaxers also include guanidine carbonate and the known carcinogen formaldehyde, and many women who have used brands like Dark and Lovely, ORS Olive Oil, and Just For Me have developed uterine and breast cancers.

Data Breach and Ransomware

Data breaches happen when an unauthorized party gets a hold of sensitive information for personal gain. Ransomware is software that is used to protect computers and other devices from this cyber attack, but cybercriminals are becoming more and more creative when it comes to hacking into a computer system. When businesses are the victim of a cyber attack, so are their employees and customers/clients. This means that sensitive information about the consumer (e.g., name, address, credit card numbers) is now in the hands of a cybercriminal.


Electronic cigarettes/e-cigs/etc. are battery-powered cigarettes and have been marketed as safer to use than traditional cigarettes. However, these e-cigarettes— most notably, Juul— have been linked to elevated blood sugar, blood pressure, and cholesterol; the development of ulcers; and inducing psychological symptoms. Some brands have even exploded due to lithium-ion batteries. Some popular brands that have experienced these issues include Blu, Halo, V2, and VaporFi.

Pressure Cookers

Pressure cookers are one of the most popular countertop cooking devices, possibly only second to air fryers. Unfortunately, there was a recall on Tristar’s Power Pressure Cooker XL due to the possibility of it exploding. When this happens, the lid pops off and the contents of the pressure cooker spill and even project, causing severe burns to bystanders and damage to the kitchen.

Roundup Weedkiller and Other Herbicides

Herbicides such as Roundup and Paraquat have been used by farmers and agriculturalists for years because they’re effective at killing weeds that destroy important crops. However, these herbicides and other pesticides (i.e., insecticides, fungicides, etc.) have been linked to health issues such as skin and eye irritation, minor burns, cancer, and Parkinson’s disease. The good news is that there are natural herbicide brands available on the market, and individuals can make their own D.I.Y. herbicides with essential oils and ingredients in their homes.

Talcum Powder

For more than 50 years, several studies have shown that talcum powder has been linked to ovarian cancer. Although talc absorbs moisture and reduces friction, the brand Johnson & Johnson has allegedly known about their baby powder products containing talcum powder and the dangers they present to the women who have used them.

A personal injury lawyer in Chicago and other cities across the state can help you better understand class action lawsuits and mass torts pertaining to these product recalls. Most personal injury law firms specialize in product liability, so they can help you better understand your case.

Residents all over the U.S. may also be affected by any of these product recalls. However, a greater percentage may be affected in cities like New York, Los Angeles, and Chicago because they are the three most populated U.S. cities, respectively. If you were affected by any of these product recalls, make sure to contact a personal injury lawyer near you.

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