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NFL Suspends Four Players for Disobeying Gambling Policy


The NFL recently suspended four players for violating its sports betting policy. Three of the players are banned for the whole 2023 season. The other player received a six-game ban. Players are prohibited from betting on the NFL. They are also not allowed to gamble from any team or league facility, including practice facilities. 

Who is suspended? 

Rashod Berry and Isaiah Rodgers of the Indianapolis Colts are suspended for wagering on the NFL games during the 2022 season. Demetrius Taylor, a free agent, is also suspended for the whole season. The three players can apply for reinstatement at the end of the 2023 season. 

Rodgers allegedly placed wagers from online betting sites registered in someone else’s name. He placed wagers ranging between $25 and $50 on Colt’s games. 

NFL players may have to follow the sports betting policy but this doesn’t stop others from betting on the NFL. In places like New Jersey, betting on sports is growing in popularity all the time. Bettors can download apps to their mobile phones, access a New Jersey sportsbook, and place their NFL bets. 

A six-game ban

The player who received a six-game ban is Nicholas Petit-Frere of the Tennessee Titans. He wagered on non-NFL sports from the team’s facility which is also a violation of NFL gambling policy. He won’t be able to take part in the season’s first six regular games, but he can still participate in preseason games and off-season activities. In his statement, he said that he didn’t knowingly break the rules. He wasn’t aware of the specifics around not placing bets from the facility. 

Online casino gambling and sports betting have become so convenient and popular. It is not surprising that there are more violations of gambling policies than ever before. 


In the wake of a number of violations of gambling guidelines, the NFL is making some changes. It realizes that modern-day gambling conditions don’t compare to those in NFL history

  • Tom Brady, a seven-time Super Bowl champion, will give educational gambling guidelines in a video. 
  • A wagering policy manual will be available. 
  • Players’ contracts will have sports betting clauses. 
  • Gambling signage will appear across all team facilities. 

These changes should help to create more awareness about the guidelines and prevent any players from violating them unintentionally. They will also make players aware that the league takes violations seriously.

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