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Higher, faster, further! – a life motto that more and more people are questioning. Exploit, optimize and drill your own body until it resists or the psyche does it for you? Stop it! The solution – a mindful approach to oneself and one’s own resources – is so close at hand; as it is the next online casino.


Say thank you!

And ideally even write down what you are grateful for. This way you start the day

more positive into the day. Because no matter how difficult everything feels right now, we can always find something to be grateful for. Our warm bed, a full fridge, an unexpected smile, a special person in our life. And when we flood the consciousness with gratitude, happiness hormones are released and there is no room for musings, worries or fears. Best: ban the cell phone from the bedroom (yes there are still normal alarm clocks and only after getting up, going to the toilet and brushing teeth look at it for the first time. Works wonderful!

Breathe it out!

Observe throughout the day how your breathing changes in accordance with your emotions.

changes. How do I breathe when I am happy, relaxed and content? And how, when you are stressed, anxious or angry? Create awareness of the miracle of your breathing. Because it is the only part of your autonomic nervous system that both passively and actively influenced by you. The rule of thumb to the carousel of thoughts: take a few deep and conscious breaths through your nose, push the abdominal wall outwards, and breathe slowly and relaxed through your mouth like through a straw. This way you get out of the shallow or hectic chest breathing, activate the vagus nerve and find peace in a relaxing breathing rhythm.

Practice active listening!

If you feel that your relationships and friendships are suffering because you don’t remember what you discussed at your last meeting, or your partner accuses you of never being really present: practice active listening! Make your conversation the top priority at the moment. Put down your phone and listen to every word your counterpart says. And not just with your ears, but with your heart. And whenever you feel the need to say something back, give advice, or share that you feel the same way: swallow the words and listen even harder instead! It’s really hard and unfamiliar at first, but you’ll see it starts to be fun. And you’ll not only learn a lot about the person you’re talking to, but also about yourself. Give it a try!

You are what – and how – you eat.

Let’s face it: we all know how important it is what we consume every day. But it’s not only the WHAT that matters, but also the HOW. This starts with the feeling of hunger. Do you know the difference between hunger and appetite? And do you then eat intuitively, or simply what goes quickly and fills you up? Is the TV on, or do you quickly type an e-mail while you’re biting into your sandwich? We’ve all been there. But why not make a lunch date ONLY with you? Take something healthy with you or reserve a table at a nice restaurant and then

 focus all your attention on the plate in front of you. Before you get started: Take three deep breaths – and watch your food with a beginner’s mind. Really experience what you have in front of you. Chew slowly to feel the food. If you rush your food you will be in a hurry all day. But it is better for your stomach to take your time. It will also be easier to digest. 

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