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Maximizing Occupancy Rates and Minimizing Vacancies in Short-Term Rentals


The truth is that investors make decent passive real estate income from maximizing occupancy rates with their short-term rental property investments. Also known as private homes, guests far and wide enjoy vacation rentals for many reasons.

That’s why the STR (short-term rental) market is back to booming and on its way up after the COVID-19 pandemic that paralyzed the industry. As things eased up in 2021, there was an increased record of staycation bookings and an unpredicted rise in the domestic tourism industry. Thus, STR property investment remains a good and popular investment option.

Most short-term rental property companies, such as Airbnb, VRBO, and Booking.com, continue to capitalize on the demand for vacation rentals. And many investors are generating outsized income and profits in the same field.

Our manual explains in detail how to maximize occupancy rates and minimize vacancies in short-term rentals. Beginners and seasoned short-term rental investors can use this discussion’s essential details to build their STR strategies.

Let’sLet’s delve in.

How to Maximize Occupancy Rates and Minimize Vacancies in Your Short-Term Rentals

  1. Use the Right STR strategies to Meet the Current Market Needs.

If you’re looking to invest in short-term rentals, it will help if you stay up-to-date on current industry events. It would help if you looked at how they might affect your rental property investment. Doing this allows you to prepare for potential issues that might arise instead of waiting for them to happen before finding solutions.

Indeed, it’s crucial to get relevant information in advance. These details will help you, as an investor, maximize occupancy rates and minimize vacancies in your STRs. 

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Now, the best way to invest in short-term rentals is by relying on an excellent and valuable STR strategy. You’ll discover that you can invest in real estate for passive income with as little as $25,000. With a superb STR strategy, a short-term rental can far outshine a long-term rental property. 

Take this instance: suppose your short-term rental property investment is close to a popular tourist destination. In this case, you must ensure that you stay alert to make the most of the peak seasons and maximize the opportunities that arise in the off-peak seasons.

It begins with awareness of current events in the local real estate market and the world. This kind of understanding is crucial. It makes it easier for you to use the best rental property investment strategy to respond quickly to matters revolving around the STR market. As a result, you can better align your business to meet any emerging needs or challenges. 

That way, you can be sure of a good appreciation and minimize vacancies in your vacation homes. Most importantly, you get to enjoy a decent income. 

  1. Furnish Your Rental Property with Unique and Attractive Amenities

A unique destination often inspires guests. That’s why location is one of the top reasons guests and travelers continue to book short-term rentals. 

Most people fancy rental homes with lots of privacy, full-sized kitchens, and yard space. This is different from the bed and breakfast offered in hotels. Thus, it helps to ensure that you furnish your vacation rental space with unique and attractive facilities.

When visitors book a vacation rental, it means that they’re securing the entire place. The space becomes their home for a few days, weeks, or months. Some are looking forward to enjoying extra amenities like the following:

  • Lakeside cottages
  • Beachfront villas
  • Mountaintop cabins
  • Luxury townhouses
  • Resort condominiums
  • Ski chalets
  • Country farms

Thus, as a short-term rental investor, you must strategize and ensure you go the extra mile to make your clients happy. Remember that happy and satisfied clients are always repeat clients.

More so, vacation rentals come in all kinds of shapes, sizes, geographical locations, and settings. The home-like amenities, local interactions, adequate space, and unique experiences are important factors that prompt guests to choose particular short-term rental accommodations. It helps to consider this factor.

  1. Ensure Visitors Attain Flexible Rates and Get Value for their Money

Flexible short-term rental rates often inspire guests and tourists. They enjoy that they can access affordable options in vacation homes anytime they visit new towns and cities and yet stay comfortably. 

Thus, as an investor in short-term rentals, you can use the typical home or apartment units to offer people cost-saving benefits that are incomparable to hotels. This will ensure you maximize the occupancy rates and minimize the vacancies.

Think about going on a vacation with a large family. Here, you try to accommodate everyone in multiple hotel rooms. It can be too costly to do this, even for a few days. But when you offer guests flexible rates for the apartments, they will enjoy them and even refer friends and family for your services.

For example, the cost of a room per person can range from $25 to $75 USD, plus a little more for more luxurious accommodations. The extra luxuries may include private patios and gardens, balconies, pools, beach accesses, and playgrounds. It becomes even more economical when guests travel in larger groups and split costs. 

This is why many people choose to treat themselves to spacious multi-bedroom homes instead. Everyone would want more for their money, with full-sized kitchens, fully furnished living rooms, spacious bathrooms, and laundry facilities. 

Such is one key reason STR vacations continue to grow as the most popular choice for friends, families, parties, sports teams, and any group planning company excursions. Other suggestions will help you increase your occupancy rate in the short and long runs.

Extra Tips to Maximize Occupancy Rates and Minimize Vacancies in Your Short-Term Rentals

  • Remain flexible and open regarding the lease terms and services.
  • Ensure your vacation rental prices reflect the market, and if need be, adjust the cost.
  • Include a referral program to stimulate word-of-mouth marketing.
  • Work to maintain as many as possible of your current repeat tenants. Always engage them and discuss their needs and concerns while encouraging lease renewal.
  • Offer instant feedback to guests’ needs and concerns. For example, you may have to give a speedy solution to wi-fi needs by ensuring internet speed to benefit more visitors who could be on work duty.
  • Compare and contrast different marketing strategies, and invest more in those that give back the highest returns. 
  • Target the right str rental market

Key Takeaways

It doesn’t matter how successful or unsuccessful your short-term rental property is. The key is to understand how to maximize occupancy rates and reduce rental vacancies with your property. That’s the best way to maximize both the high and low seasons.

You want to make the most of the “time of year” to invite more people to your vacation rental space. And you still want to ensure that you attract ideal guests to your short-term rental space during the off-season.

You also improve customer service when you boost vacation rental occupancy during a period of lower demand. Most importantly, you attain flexibility in your rental business and get more creative in marketing your short-term rental space.

Our article has brought together some of the best ideas for maximizing occupancy rates, minimizing vacancies, and boosting your off-season occupancy rates.

So, anytime you see your short-term rental occupancy rate drop, take advantage of these beneficial short-term and long-term rental strategies. That way, you’ll enjoy a steady income stream by boosting your rate.

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