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Live Betting and Its Betting Markets


Have you ever placed a bet on your favorite sports match while it’s playing? That’s the fun brought about by the introduction of live betting in sportsbooks. Bettors can place continuous bets in various markets in live sports matches. 

You can bet on football, soccer, baseball, hockey, basketball, and many other games. Most bettors prefer live betting on sports with many odds, movements, and momentum swings. These include sports like American football and basketball. 

You can make money lines, point spread, game totals, and other live bets. Some bookies also offer micro-betting. What is microbetting? 一you may ask. We’ll define live betting, explain how it works, and discuss its betting markets, including micro betting.

What is Live Betting? 

Live betting is also referred to as in-game or in-play wagering. It’s placing a wager during a live sports match in real time. Unlike traditional wagering, live bet odds, lines, and totals change as the action continues. This gives bettors a better chance of making winning wagers.

Where Does Micro Betting Fit In?

Micro betting exists because of in-game wagering. It allows you to make small bets on individual moments of a live match. These are moments like when the next goal will be scored, which team will score first, which player will score next, and more.

These offer minimal loss and allow instant gratification.

The Betting Markets Within

Below are some of the sports you can place in-game bets on and their respective markets:


One of the leading bookies that offer micro wagering in the US reported a four times increase in baseball 2022 micro wagers. This was against the 2021 numbers. These small wagers had a steady monthly growth that occurred ascendingly throughout 2022.

If you aren’t making micro bets on baseball, then these are some in-play markets to partake in:

  • Money line
  • Run line
  • Game totals
  • Player props


American football accounts for 20% of in-play betting, specifically in specific US leading sports betting platforms. This grows every year and is even stronger during football seasons. It also affects micro betting positively.

Below are football in-game markets:

  • Money line
  • Point spread
  • Game totals
  • Game props
  • Player props


Though basketball is one of the most favorable in-play betting sports, bettors took time to realize that. As a result, it’s slowly growing into the in-play and micro markets. Though its numbers are lower than football and baseball, it’s picking up.

For instance, one of the leading bookies in the US reported an estimated 7% and 10% overall micro betting for the NBA and college basketball, respectively.

Below are basketball in-game markets:

  • Money line
  • Point spread
  • Game totals
  • Player props

Our Verdict

Live betting has emerged as an additional and captivating approach to sports wagering. It has garnered favorable feedback from bettors and is experiencing noticeable expansion. Given the abundance of sporting events occurring worldwide, there is a consistent availability of live matches to observe. 

The introduction of in-game betting has revolutionized the betting landscape by also introducing the concept of micro betting, which provides a more secure avenue for wagering on specific individual outcomes. Alternatively, traditional options like money line bets, game totals, and game props wagers remain accessible to those seeking more conventional wagering methods.

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