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Importance of Essay Writing for Students


Writing ability shows the capability of one’s own thought power and opinions. Essay writing is an important part of English Language and Literature. It plays an important role in the academic life of students. Essay writing is a good method to embed all the facts and figures together by combining the knowledge received from different sources. It requires explaining complex ideas in one’s own simple language. This article will help students to understand the importance of essay writing skills.

Why It’s Important to Develop Essay Writing Skills

Essays serve as a tool to test the students’ knowledge by assessing their arguments, analyses and thought process. When the students write an essay, they are actually trying to express themselves. The conclusions they draw regarding the topic enhances their decision making power. Therefore, improving essay writing skill with appropriate vocabulary and well organised writing style will help them to express themselves in a more logical way. Students must try to write essays on different fields such as Education, Economy, Agriculture, festivals, Politics, Environment, Science, Technology Essay etc. Doing so will improve their writing skills as well as increase their knowledge in different fields.

Our world is all about writing. It exists in every form of communication, whether it’s tweeting, posting, messaging, emailing or any form where writing is involved. Writing skills are important in all fields and students must build a habit of quality writing. The better the students get at it, the better they will be able to represent themselves in family, society and professionally.

Essay writing gives an opportunity to students to showcase their creativity with their writing skills. In each stage of the essay writing, students can use their imagination and produce words out of the pictures they have had in their minds and pen them down in a creative fashion. By improving their essay writing skills, students can grow to be a very talented and creative writer, speaker and a logical thinker.

Students mostly feel it is a boring and tedious task to write an essay. They first struggle to find the content and material required for an essay topic. This part they still complete it, but then they face difficulty in organising and structuring the content of the essay in a proper way. Creating a flow in writing an essay is an art in its own. This requires a lot of effort. The essay writing skills can’t be developed quickly. Students need to practise essays on a daily basis on different topics. For their convenience, initially they can start writing by selecting the topic of their interest. For example, if someone is interested in agriculture and house farm activities, then he can choose the topic like Farmer Essay. Essay writing contributes to the intellectual development of the student and helps the student become sharp and organised in his academics and daily life.

Improved writing skills help students in the future in their workplace. As per a study, employees who are skilled in writing are the most likely to be promoted and the least likely to be outsourced or eliminated. All kinds of job and professional work requires writing skills whether it is in the form of sending emails or submitting the project work. They all need to write effectively to put a great impression on their boss. Therefore, students should see their academic writing assignments as a good investment in their career and not as a medieval form of scholarly torture. It will help them grow better in their careers.

We hope students must have found this article useful. After reading this article, they must start focusing on improving their essay writing skills.

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