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How To Recover Data From Hard Drive Step By Step


Hard drives are devices that work in an extremely precise way, any alteration in their mechanics, electronics or software, involuntary or not, can cause the disk to stop working correctly. 

When recovering a damaged hard drive, several steps must be followed, and these depend on how the device stopped working. Knowing these steps will allow us to know data recovery hard drive from the hard drive.

How to recover data from hard drive step by step

Be careful, if you try to recover lost data, without having the necessary knowledge, you could lose all of it irretrievably, and endanger the stability of your device or company. In these notes we will tell you how to recover data from the hard drive step by step. In case of a cyber attack, do not pay the ransom to recover data, it is preferable to pay a data recovery service.

Steps to recover information from the hard drive

It is important to know the cause of hard drive failure. The solution is linked to the diagnosis of the failure, whether it is physical – electronic or logical – software.

How to rescue data from a damaged hard drive due to electronic failures

When a disk stops working accidentally, in most cases it is due to failure of the disk’s electronics, probably a corruption in the firmware or an integrated device that is not doing its job correctly.

In these cases, the most appropriate thing is to try to locate an identical disk, taking the Part as a reference. Number of the original disk and other values such as firmware and manufacturing dates. Once this donor disk is located, we could change the board (green electronic controller) on the original damaged disk.

Once this is done, we try to start the disk. In a very high percentage, the problem could be half-solved and we would be able to access the data. In extreme cases, if the information cannot be recovered, it will be necessary to hire a hard drive data recovery service. It will be necessary to make some software updates or even changes to the components on the boards. If this gets a little complicated, it will be convenient and necessary to know about electronics.

How to rescue data from a damaged hard drive due to mechanical failure

If the disc does not work due to mechanical failure problems, that is, a sound like: click, click, click… a breakdown in the so-called heads or in the disc motor or in the platters, we have few options.

Play the disk as a slave to the computer.

Before puncturing it, change its position by 180º.

Lightly tap the disk on the side (only once), while it is turned off, and then plug it into the computer.

Rescue information from a damaged hard drive due to logical failures

If the problem is related to logical errors, that is, formatting, viruses, etc., etc., you must download a data recovery program from the network and scan the disk to recover data from the hard drive.

Who advises on data recovery from hard drives

If the data is important and following this little advice has not been successful, turn to professionals. In the main Canada cities there are laboratories and data recovery services for hard drives. A recommendable company is salvagedata, which stands out for the large list of services throughout other countries in Europe.

This company is well known for its numerous organizations and participation in forums, fairs, councils, and its interest in publishing frequent tips, guides, and recommendations to users. In this way, there is support in cybersecurity and computer forensics, to alert them about possible failures and attacks by cybercriminals.

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