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How To Create An Elegant Coastal Theme With Decorative Corals


Corals are a great way to add a touch of elegance to any coastal-themed decor. Depending on your décor, you can choose from a wide range of colors and shapes. Decorative corals can help to create a serene, stylish coastal theme in your home or office. You can also use the corals to create a relaxing, ocean-inspired atmosphere with the help of these lamps. This article provides readers with ideas for decorating their homes using a coastal theme. Let’s look for some ideas to create a beachy feel. 

Decor Ideas Based on a Coastal Theme:

An elegant coastal theme should be simple and subtle, with a focus on natural elements, such as beachy colors and textures. The ideas given below include beach-inspired furniture and the use of accessories or modern decorative objects. So, get ready to evoke a sense of calm in your home with the following decor considerations:

Pick Neutral Colors:

  • A coastal theme usually features shades of blue, white, gray, and green. They can be combined to create a beautiful and calming atmosphere.
  • The navy, coral, and turquoise accents add a pop of brightness, while natural textures such as wood and stone add warmth and earthiness. Additionally, metallic accents such as silver and gold can also add a touch of luxury. 

Don’t Over-Accessorize The Space:

  • When crafting an elegant coastal theme, keep the space uncluttered by limiting the amount of furniture and decorations. 
  • Furniture should be light and airy, with a minimalist design to create a sense of openness. 
  • Choose furniture with simple lines and patterns, and avoid heavy fabrics. Lastly, use natural light to create a bright and airy atmosphere.  

Set A Natural Atmosphere:

  • For a beachy vibe, use driftwood, coral, sea glass, and shells as modern decorative objects.
  • Using natural materials like jute and rattan in the décor will create a relaxed and natural atmosphere.
  • You can also add texture with woven baskets and coastal-inspired artwork.

Create A Nautical Theme:

The use of nautical-themed artwork and décor can complete the look. Place the coral on shelves, mantels, or side tables for a touch of the sea. You can also hang up photos of your favorite beach trips or hang a map of your favorite coastal destination.

Selecting Curtains And Blinds:

  • If you select curtains and blinds with complementary colors and styles, they will look great combined with an elegant coastal theme. 
  • For example, you can use white curtains with blue and white striped blinds, or light blue curtains with white shutters.


  • Shiplap adds a beachy, coastal feel to any room with its simplicity. 
  • A nautical-themed headboard could also be created using a shiplap as an accent wall.
  • As an alternative to wood, you can also use shiplap to make coastal-style furniture, such as bookcases and coffee tables.

Give Your Room A Beachy Feel:

  • Glass bottles of various sizes and colors can create a beach-inspired atmosphere. Small decorative items like shells and pebbles can be placed in vases, bowls, and shelving units.
  • In addition, to create a warm and cozy atmosphere, you can use candles, lanterns, and string lights.

Decorative Wall Art:

  • You can Make the indoors feel like the outdoors by hanging art featuring beach scenes and sea creatures.
  • The focal point of the room should be a large sailboat painting. 
  • Above the bookshelf, hang a large ship wheel wall clock. 
  • Decorating the wall with nautical-themed items such as seashells, rope, anchors, and fishing nets will help make the room feel more welcoming. 
  • As a final touch, hang a large mirror with a white frame on the wall and add a few seashells around the frame.

Put the Finishing Touch:

  • You should pick a few pieces of art that will stand out on the wall and will make it the focal point. 
  • It is important to place them strategically in order to create a cohesive aesthetic. With Bone & Brass’s modern decorative objects, your space will look brand new.

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