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Hiring a NetSuite ERP Consultant: Why It’s Absolutely Worth It


NetSuite is one of the dominant and most respected business operation program services in the world. For businesses that want to stay ahead of their competitors, having quality programs to finesse business operations, and keep employees focused on key tasks, is an absolute must. For those that are uninitiated into the NetSuite world, having a guide to help you through your introduction is key. For those that already have NetSuite, and want to unlock the full potential of the program, hiring a consultant is key. Either way, this article will assist you in understanding the extremely important and monetarily intelligent services that a NetSuite Consultant ERP can provide for your business:

Understanding What NetSuite Does

Before you can understand why NetSuite consultant services are so important and useful, you need to understand one simple question: what is NetSuite? Cloud-based software called NetSuite helps businesses better manage and comprehend their financial and operational processes and activities. With its own capabilities for automating procedures, collecting timely and accurate data, and more, NetSuite is essential for time savings, giving users insight into business operations from a single interface, and assisting them in anticipating potential problems before they occur. NetSuite is fantastic for boosting your digital marketing strategies as well. While some information about NetSuite can appear intimidating at first, the program is actually incredibly simple to pick up, thanks to its user-friendly AI, and large support staff. That being said, a full-on consultant is recommended for businesses that want to optimize their NetSuite program usage. 

Understanding What NetSuite Consultants Actually Do 

To use NetSuite to its full potential, NetSuite ERP consultants find the best path forward (so you don’t have to). To determine which NetSuite solutions are the greatest fit for your requirements, a NetSuite consultant first evaluates your business, team, and procedures. Then, they list the business processes that can be readily converted to NetSuite, evaluate them for potential risks, and offer a roadmap for your suggested NetSuite adoption approach. Following adoption, a consultant will collaborate with you and your team to continuously oversee, manage, and optimize your deployment while also offering practical training and suggestions for other assisting technologies. Good companies such as GSI, Inc will help you gain the NetSuite consultant services you need. 

Experts Ensure You’re Up and Ready to Go In a Timely Fashion

If you fail to choose an expert to guide your NetSuite program usage, you’ll be in big trouble. Not only will an in-house employee lack the experience needed to get the most out of the program, but they will almost certainly make costly mistakes as they take up valuable work hours to try and gain a strong understanding of the program. By instead hiring experienced NetSuite consultants, you’ll avoid lengthy, problematic issues with your business operations. There are plenty of pitfalls out there, so watching out for them, and being prepared requires the experience consultants already have. Their often immediate availability helps with hybrid-work setup operations as well (which we’ll get into in more depth below). 

Connect With Expert Tech Support Professionals 24/7

When you’re running a successful business, you can run into issues or tech problems at any time of the day. Thankfully, quality NetSuite consultant services provide a 24/7 support service in most cases. If you’re new to NetSuite, your success depends on engaging a consultant right now. You’ll have access to a real industry professional who has carried out successful NetSuite deployments for companies in comparable circumstances rather than maybe being misinformed and having to make decisions on the spot. Having the immediate support staff option is invaluable, and can help you smooth out your business operations in an absolutely stellar fashion in 2023. 

Prepare Your Company for Sudden, Important Operational Changes

Hiring a consultant might be especially helpful for enhancing your present configuration and associated business processes if you’re already using NetSuite. It can also be beneficial if your company is going through a time of fast change, such as quick growth, M&A activity, or the process of becoming public. If you’re a company that dedicates tons of time both during and outside of work hours, having this invaluable 24/7 service will ensure you stay ahead of your competitors. 

Simplify Your Business Operations and Boost Employee Morale 

If you want your workforce to be top-tier, they need the support of the company. NetSuite provides automation and operational services that take the stress off of your employees’ shoulders. The program gets rid of busy work and other micro-management tasks that can become overwhelming. Boosting the morale of your employees through NetSuite consulting services will make their lives easier, and give them the space they need to help your company become more innovative and successful. 

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