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Get Spoilt by Luxury Drug Rehab but Not By Drugs


If you’re the kind of person who seeks excitement through drugs, we’re here to tell you there are tons of other ways to pump up your blood. One of the best ways is to get into a lavish and relaxing trip to an exotic location and try out all sorts of fun activities. Or, you can have all that fun while you get de-addicted from alcohol or any drugs, from a luxury drug rehab center.

From Nova Recovery Centre, we give you the luxury rehab package which includes everything from a suite to a custom prepared food menu. You can enjoy your stay in our facility while you get treated for your addictions.

Rehab is Not a Prison, You Can Choose What You Get

There are a lot of misconceptions about rehab being too tough and restraining. People tend to say that because they feel they are trapped in a rehab facility. The reality is that the lack of access to their drug supply makes them feel trapped. If you focus on getting de-addicted from drugs, your stay in any rehab facility will be a fruitful one.

At Nova Recovery Center, we provide our participants with high-class stay and amenities. With our luxury package you get even more personalized treatment and care. You will get all the amenities that you get in a famous hotel chain. Of course, you’ve to remember that luxury is not the prime motive of a rehab.

Enjoy the All the Important Amenities in Your Rehab

During your stay at our drug rehab center, you will be provided with a personalized treatment charted out from your present physical condition. You will go through detox first, followed by therapies, counseling, meditation training and training for sober living. All the while you can relax at the fully furnished and equipped facility.

If You Need Personalized Care, Join a Luxury Facility

You will have access to private pools, library, entertainment center, Wi-Fi lounges, and even a king-size bed, all included in your luxury rehab package. This package gives you more flexibility for you to catch up with your day-to-day life. You will have a personal room, where you can work or learn in peace. Your meals will all be customized; this includes premium cuts in your steak too.

Nova Recovery Center Provides Best Attention to Your Needs

Nova Recovery Centre prides itself for providing quality rehab services to thousands of people in the US. Our facility is located in a serene & calm location in Austin, outside the busy city. You will immediately feel relaxed once you enter our facility.

Come Out of the Rehab as an Independent Person

With our inpatient program, you can address your addiction problems and get drug rehab treatments from trained clinicians and psychologists. They will guide you step by step until you are fully free of drug influences. You can take part in various therapies such as music and arts therapy, gender specific treatments, behavioral therapy, family programs, etc. This way, you get the urgent care for your recovery at Nova Recovery Center. Once you feel confident enough for your sober life, you can come out and start your life afresh.

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