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Express Your Gratitude in Style with these Thoughtful Thank You Gifts


Saying thank you to someone, expressing your gratitude, is the perfect way to create goodwill and bond a friendship. When people do nice things, it shouldn’t go unaccounted for and a thank you gift will encourage a circle of helpful acts, adding value to everyone’s life.

A New House Plant

If the person you are thanking is fond of nature and takes pride in tending to their plants inside and out, choose a succulent or orchid to make their house truly complete. The Rosa Thank You (Chesdeep) is a plant that boasts hot pink, scented blooms that transition to a mango color as summer closes. This dwarf bush rose is not only gorgeous; it also makes a superlative thank you gift for the gardener in your life.

A Bottle of Wine

You can choose to customize a wine label to express your gratitude or simply pick up a hearty red or simmering white at your local store. Either way, people have bonded over wine drinking for thousands of years, with no end in sight. Hand delivering your bottle of wine might just get you an invitation inside to break some bread and further the friendship.

Personalized Decanter 

Personalized decanters are an excellent decoration in your home, they look inviting and luxurious. Decanter will positively impact your friends when they come over for a drink and you start pouring your whiskey from a personalized decanter. It’s considered among the best business gifts for clients and male friends.

Moon Lamp

Could there be any more perfect night or table light than a simulated moon? Superbly realistic, the light sits on a wooden stand that in itself looks inspired by nature. The moon lamp changes colors with a simple tap, as well as easy adjustments to brightness making it perfect for any room. It can be charged via USB and it is crafted by eco-friendly materials making it a consistent and pure natural theme.

Personalized Coaster Set

These elegant coasters made of wood and marble are designed to look classic and smart on any table. Each coaster is unique and will be exceptionally unique when monogrammed in support of your helpful friend or loved one.

Egift Cards

The gift of an Egift card is an ideal way to say thank you. Allowing the recipient to choose from thousands of vendors to shop at, they are easy to buy and send with just one click of a button via text or email. Completely trackable and secure, as your friend uses their egift card they’ll think of you fondly.

Chocolate Dipped Strawberries Box

Could there be a sweeter way to say thank you? We don’t think so. Plump, juice strawberries dipped in gourmet semi-sweet chocolate means that these little treats will not be around for long. These delights come in a box that boldly states, “Thank you” so you will know there is absolutely no question about your gratitude for them.

Art of Tea Gift Set

This loose tea sets is delivered in a charming wooden gift box. There are 4 loose tea canisters:

  • Earl Grey Crème made with organic cornflower, bergamot oil, and select organic black teas
  • Egyptian Chamomile is made of organic chamomile
  • Jasmine Pearls has organic jasmine scented green tea
  • English Breakfast is comprised of organic black teas

Brightland Mini Essentials

A four box set of different olive oils to suit their cuisine aspirations!

  • Parasol is a Champagne vinegar that is double fermented with chardonnay grapes and Navel and Valencia oranges
  • Rapture is a Balsamic vinegar double fermented with Triple Crown Blackberries and zinfandel grapes
  • Alive is a cold-pressed extra virgin olive oil specifically designed for baked goods, bread, salads, and fresh greens
  • Awake is bold and robust, making it perfect for bread, stews, soups, roasting and sautéing

Thank You Chocolate Box

Nine squares of chocolate, Thank You written out plus one perfect chocolate daisy to complete the box. Available on Etsy, these chocolates are made from milk and white Belgian chocolate. With a shelf life of up to 6 months, these treats make the most perfect gift of sweet gratitude.

Piecework Modern Jigsaw Puzzle

These are not your grandfather’s puzzles. These gorgeous works of art are vibrant and conversation-starting. Choose from Champagne Problems, Disco Queen, Gone Fishin’ or Tickled Pink. Once the 500-piece puzzle is completed, they’ll want to glue it up, frame it, and proudly put it on display. Or, if they really enjoyed the process, separate the pieces and do it all again!

Saying thank you to someone who has made your life easier and less stressful in some way is not only appropriate, it’s also kind and thoughtful. There are a number of gifts you can give them to either match their personality or brighten their world. Whatever you decide, they’ll know that their efforts were not in vain, and the bond between the two of you will be strengthened.

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