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Do Non-Gaming Facilities Have the Potential to Increase Casino Profitability?


In the 2010s, casinos went through considerable changes. To combat growing competition, they launched new products like online gambling, crypto casinos, and e-tournaments. Casinos have invested more in non-gaming amenities such as restaurants, bars, spas, shopping stores, and entertainment venues. As an advantage, they have turned out to be significant contributors to gambling revenue. 

Attracting a new wave of customers

In the past, the main focus of casinos was to provide customers with a variety of games. Many customers were content with visiting a casino, playing slot or card games, and departing. Today, the way casinos present gambling games to customers has changed as online gambling increases in popularity. To remain in profitability, traditional casinos need to keep their facilities running. 

Unfortunately, the cost of running a land-based casino remains high, and casino operators need to increase revenue generation. To attract a new wave of customers, the casinos introduced a wide range of non-gaming amenities. Today, they run restaurants, retail stores, nightclubs, hotels, spas, bars, and other forms of entertainment. They have served as avenues for attracting a new wave of customers, including the young generation and women. 

Driving casino games revenue through non-gaming amenities

The experiences customers get with non-gaming services at a casino have an impact on their interaction with gaming amenities. Non-gaming amenities have become one of the latest casino market trends for strategizing growth. The quality of services offered at the amenities affects the total consumer spending and loyalty. 

Customer experience is complex and is affected by a range of factors such as food quality, type of shopping experience, entertainment, and security. Casinos that offer high-quality customer experiences at the non-gaming amenities have a higher probability of attracting the same customers to the gaming amenities.  

The role of non-gaming amenities in the increasing popularity of casino games

Casinos use multiple strategies to attract attention from customers at every point of sale. They attract them through a wide range of offerings for the casino floor and online gambling. For instance, by placing large sports screens in their restaurants, they can attract customers to sports betting. 

Covering their tables with casino-themed table linens can help attract customers to online poker and other table games at the facility. Different types of casino non-gaming amenities contribute differently to the progress of casino games. The quality of services offered determines the success of the non-gaming amenity in driving the success of the gaming amenities.

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