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Canadian pharmacists look to time-delayed safes to protect against robberies


Canada has seen a dramatic increase in the number of pharmacy robberies. Unfortunately, this problem is widespread today. City police have called for increased security measures for pharmacy employees. To solve the problem, it was proposed to introduce a mandatory condition for all pharmacies – installation of safes with delayed opening, which have shown high efficiency in preventing thefts. Let’s delve into this topic in more detail. 

What are time-delayed safes? 

Devices, also called tempo cassettes, are used to store material and other valuables, cash as well as documents and securities. Some models have five slots for depositing banknotes of different denominations. They are equipped with a compartment for delivery of the day’s proceeds to the collector. Due to the small size, it is possible to place them in convenient locations. The devices can be connected to security alarm systems. 

Such safes have the function of delaying the opening of the door for a certain period ranging from a minute to several hours. Even if a burglar can open such a safe, he will have to wait sometime to retrieve the contents. In the time gained (up to half an hour, depending on the setting), guards can rush to the scene. Also, the boxes are blocked by the alarm button in case of power failure. Such a safe can also have other useful functions. Time-delayed safes can be used in a bank, as well as in cash desks of any institution where employees work with large amounts of cash.

Why do pharmacists use time-delayed safes?

Pharmacies today are taking all sorts of actions to improve the safety of not only the staff but also the merchandise that is in the building. Some people are afraid to go to work because they don’t know what will happen to them that day. Such uncertainty is depressing. Also, medical products are quite expensive. That is why they carry a special value. Delayed opening is an additional security function, which some models of electronic code locks are equipped with. The lock is unlocked after a certain period after entering the correct code combination. 

The delay time is set during the programming of the lock and can vary from a minute to several hours. After entering the correct combination and the expiry of the opening delay, there is an opening window during which the lock should be opened. If the lock is not opened within this period, it is blocked and the procedure must be repeated. The time-delay feature is useful from a security point of view and is often used in modern pharmacies. Even if a burglar forces an employee to enter the code combination, the safe can only be opened after a certain time has elapsed.

What are the concerns about using time-delayed safes?

Some experts think that such devices can reduce the speed of work. Because opening important medications will take time, customers who are waiting for their orders will have to wait. This does not always have a positive effect on the customer’s mood. Since there are external factors that can affect this, for example, a person is in a hurry or urgently needs to take what he wants to buy. 

At the same time, if we talk about security, then unambiguously such safes are worth buying and installing. Medical drugs attract burglars. They are expensive, and hard to get without permission, so they can be resold at a higher price. Robberies, for this reason, became regular. Potentially, it is worth reconsidering the structure of pharmacies, so as not to put the employees and surrounding residents at risk in the first place. 

Why is it better to go online?

Some companies have moved their operations into the online space for reasons including security. For example, Canada Drugs today are popular with customers. Just because they are present in a virtual place does not make their attendance or sales lower. Moreover, this method of buying is now considered more comfortable for customers. This is because they no longer have to go anywhere or wait for the necessary goods. It is enough to go to the site and find the medicines that you want to buy. And then, you can add any amount, as long as there are no restrictions on the site. 

You can also see the current cost of the products and where you can pick them up if you want to come in person to pick them up. Virtual platforms are a great complement to land-based stores. Moreover, it is predicted that shortly this form of sales will become mainstream. Most people see this development as favorable. The opportunities that have emerged for buyers give hope for a bright future. And it doesn’t depend on whether there are robberies or not. Development improves people’s lives in general. 

Bottom line

To summarize, it is worth noting that the problem of fraud and robbery has worsened quite a bit in recent years. Therefore, businesses, including pharmacies, are trying to improve their methods of protection. It is known that companies in Canada have been able to reduce the number of robberies to a few cases by increasing staff, installing surveillance cameras, and delaying safes. This device spoils burglars’ plans and turns them away from your establishment in the future. Let’s hope that such a situation will soon be minimized or disappear altogether. 

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