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There is no denying that ransomware is a grave issue for the national security of many countries. And after a series of cyberattacks against the fuel supplier Colonial Pipeline, everyone is serious about the adverse effects of ransomware. Moreover, ransomware is responsible for creating security breaches in large IT companies.

However, there are few people who can analyze the repercussions of a ransomware attack. There are no legal requirements for victims to disclose when they pay the hackers to unlock their network. Most cyberattack victims don’t report the attacks on a larger scale.

This usually makes it harder for law enforcement agencies to combat attacks and comprehend how to fight them. Considering these things, a student and security researcher from Stanford University launched an extensive anti-ransomware program. This program can track payments to bitcoin addresses related to known gangs that execute large-scale attacks.

The student’s name is Jack Cable and he opines that this program will bring transparency around the impact of ransomware. Today, the world is devising newer methods to fight ransomware. With the invention of Jack Cable’s innovative anti-ransomware program, things will look better for bitcoin investors.

It will also highlight which actions are necessary to fight fraud related to bitcoin. Cable further adds that this program will highlight the actions required to fight fraud related to ransomware. Cable also works as a security architect at a reputed company. He is also an ethical hacker at the Defense Department’s Digital Service.

He further added that the crowdfunding project is headed by him. He is working dedicatedly to develop a treasure trove of information. He has been able to track nearly $57 million in payments. Anyone can download the resulting database. When the context is about total payments, the NetWalker gang leads all-time in the context of data mining.

Data Cable has been able to collect more than three thousand payments compared to 800 payments to Ryuk. But other experts opine that Cable’s idea comes with some challenges. Ransomware is a great example of how members of the community of cybersecurity experts are collaborating together to eliminate ransomware.

Ransomware is a pervasive global threat that requires experts to step up to the occasion to eliminate it. Cable is of the view that he is fully aware of the implications of submitting false data. The main idea of Cable is to combat ransomware by developing public awareness around the issue.

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