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Buying Men’s Boxers: A Comprehensive Guide 


For a long time, men’s fashion has rigidly created and followed codes of masculinity and femininity. Comparatively, women have embraced men’s fashion with open arms, be it in oversized sweaters or black denim. And finally, things have started to change for men in the new-bloomed 21st-century fashion consciousness. From men’s suits to boxer underwear, every piece of apparel has gone through a fashion awakening in shape, form and colour.

Things to Keep in Mind While Buying Men’s Boxers


Boxers protect the private parts of an individual for hours; therefore, they need to be of good quality. Boxers should be soft and breathable, and cotton blend and pure cotton give the best results when good brands blend them with synthetic fibres and spandex. It provides underwear elasticity and sturdiness. Meanwhile, from regulating body temperature to quick drying up, it all depends on the cotton blend of the undergarment.


Inseam length and rise are fundamental to have a suitable fit for you. Meanwhile, the choice of boxers depends on the pants you wear. As such, many prefer low-rise pants or trousers. For them, low-rise boxers will stop extension at the waist. Thus, many prefer regular-size boxers because it is closer to the waistline. Though during workouts, boxers with longer inseams are preferable for practical reasons. Lastly, it is more of a personal choice that decides one’s fitting.

Print and Patterns

Solid patterns are the most common ones when it comes to boxers. But with time, men’s fashion has evolved with a quirky and gender-fluid aesthetic. Hence, colours such as pink, peach, and yellow, once considered feminine, have also entered men’s fashion. And as a general extension of that, check, polka dots, cartoon prints, and flag prints claimed the surface of men’s boxers. Though, one should keep in mind the logic before going too eccentric.

How and Where

Your office boxers should be different from your tropical beach boxers. Similarly, you shouldn’t wear your gym boxers at some party. So, understand the occasion and choose accordingly. Moreover, temperature, weather, and visibility — one should consider these before choosing boxer underwear. Nevertheless, the last thing a man needs is a fashion disaster.

Brands and Reviews

When you are buying your underpants online, try to browse more and see the options. The customer reviews will give you a good idea about the quality of the product. Likewise, it is better to avoid shady websites with less information and a lack of cooperation. Moreover, read the return policy properly before ordering products. Also, it is better to sidestep absurd discounts.

Other Things to Keep in Mind While Buying Boxers

  1. If you are looking for budget-friendly boxers, choose boxer combos rather than buying single ones. It will save you bucks without compromising on the experience.
  2. If there is no cotton in the underwear, it is better to avoid that, as you need a blend of both. The one-dimensional use of synthetic and spandex is unhealthy and uncomfortable.
  3. Brand to brand, the fitting of the product might vary despite elasticity. So, it is better to be safe with a reliable size chart and return policy.
  4. Try to make environment-friendly choices while buying your undergarments. Also, it is better to avoid brands that don’t stand for the environment.

Many think that boxers are out of style now. But that is a misconception. Because the 70s style of men’s fashion is slowly returning, men’s underwear will not escape that back-from-the-past touch. Also, look-wise, there is a certain dignity and smartness in boxers that other kinds of men’s undergarments lack. Hence, you may keep that in mind and go for the boxers with closed eyes.

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