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Best Emergency Dentist in Las Vegas


Last month I was in Las Vegas visiting my sister. I experienced a terrible toothache that started one evening just as I was getting ready for bed. That night I ignored it, but the pain only got worse throughout the night. I could hardly get any sleep.

The next morning, I woke up in a lot of pain, and it started getting worse with every minute. I knew that I needed to see a dentist right away. I tried to look for an emergency dentist 24/7 Near Me, but to my surprise, there were none taking appointments at the moment. The emergency dental clinics were all booked, and the waiting time was not something my body could endure at the moment.

Desperate for relief, I decided to search for alternative solutions and stumbled upon Teledentistry. Having never heard of teledentistry before, I was skeptical at first. But there was no other option available at the moment, and I decided to give it a try. My experience was quite pleasant, and I am now going to provide a review of this amazing emergency dental service.

The emergency dental consultation provided me with instant relief

When I came across Teledentistry online, I visited their website for further information. I remember downloading the teledentistry app and scheduling an appointment instantly. I was surprised at how straightforward the process was. I was able to see a qualified dentist almost instantly after scheduling the appointment, all from the comfort of my sister’s home.  

During the virtual appointment, the emergency dentist was able to diagnose my toothache and provide a treatment plan. The dentist was able to see my mouth through high-resolution video. I could easily show him where the pain was. The dentist showed me magnified images of my teeth for a better understanding. I saw what was causing the pain. 

The dentist guided me through the entire process and was detailed and easy to understand. He diagnosed me with a tooth cavity and said I had to take medicines to relieve the pain. He prescribed medicines and the correct treatment after that.

I have to say that I was impressed with the level of care I received through Teledentistry. Mostly, I was relieved to have found a solution to my dental emergency, even in the middle of nowhere. The virtual appointment not only saved me time and money but also made sure that I remained in the comfort of my own home. The emergency dentist referred me to a local dentist, where I made appointments and visited a physical checkup at my own convenient time.

The need for Teledentistry

My sister later informed me that there are usually minimal options available regarding emergency dental services in Las Vegas. Therefore, one has to travel long hours to visit dental clinics during dental emergencies. Even though my condition worsened during the night, getting an appointment at a dental clinic was difficult, even during the open hours. Thanks to Teledentistry, the emergency dentist diagnosed my dental cavity and provided medicines for instant relief.

Teledentistry proved to be a lifesaver in my case. It offered me dental care when there was no other option available. There was either a long waiting time in some emergency clinics or in others; there was no availability of appointments for the day.  Most emergency dental clinics close after 6 in the evening, thereby skipping medical aid in times of emergencies that occur after that hour.

Teledentistry has you covered as it provides emergency dental services and consultations 24/7. Thus, you can get medical aid for your emergency dental problems even late at night. The best thing is that you don’t even have to travel to distant dental clinics and wait in line for long hours. Thus, Teledentistry provides emergency dentists 24/7 in the comfort of your home.

Though emergency dental care is expensive, that is not the case with Teledentistry. The cost of getting an online consultation is nominal. The best part is that Teledentistry accepts almost all medical insurance, including Medicare and Medicaid.

Why do dental emergencies need quick treatment?

Dental emergencies come suddenly and can be a problem of either a single tooth, teeth, or the surrounding soft tissues. Dental emergencies require quick treatment; with time, the pain worsens, and untreated teeth and dental tissue can cause severe damage. 

Emergency dentists can help with the initial treatment till you can physically visit a dentist for a checkup. The job of an emergency dentist is to reduce the pain and save and preserve natural teeth. 

A dental emergency like a broken tooth, knocked-out tooth, tooth abscesses, etc., is often associated with excruciating pain, which only worsens with time. An emergency dentist starts the treatment so that the pain subsides.

Dental emergencies can get infected pretty soon if you do not seek immediate treatment. This infection then spreads to all other parts of dental tissue of the gums, tooth base, or between two teeth. Moreover, there is a risk of the infection spreading to other body parts as well.

Dental emergencies treated quickly often saves the cost of treatment later. When an infection occurs due to a delay in treatment, the cost builds up, and the treatment becomes quite expensive.  For example, reinserting a tooth that has been knocked out is much cheaper than restoring a tooth later. It is thus wiser to invest in dental emergency treatment as soon as possible. 

It is often seen that seeking dental treatment sooner can save your teeth in case of dental trauma or dislodgement. In most cases, the delay can cause tooth loss or expensive dental restoration later on. This is particularly important in cases of dental emergencies like tooth abscesses, knocked-out teeth, broken teeth, etc. 


Dental problems can make lives quite difficult as quality dental care can often be quite elusive. Dental emergencies can be quite serious if not treated quickly. Thus, the next time you experience a dental emergency, you must take care of it immediately, and what better platform to get dental service than Teledentistry? I am sure that once you try their services, you won’t be disappointed.

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