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5 Tips for Choosing the Best Freestanding Baths


Gentle music, a scented candle, bath bombs, a glass of wine, and warm soapy water paint the perfect picture of relaxation. After a long day at work, coming home to your bathtub is an effective—and, unfortunately, underrated—way to de-stress. Installing one near your window and letting the cool Bondi Beach breeze keep you company is an excellent way of enjoying your bubble bath. If you want to decorate your bathroom with one, these five tips will help you pick the best baths in Sydney.

How Spacious is Your Bathroom?

Before purchasing a freestanding bath, measuring your bathroom’s space is essential. Unlike conventional tubs fixed in a corner, freestanding bathtubs are flexible. They stand on their own in the bathroom without the walls supporting them. Since freestanding baths come in various sizes, you can choose one that fits the available area. For instance, if your bathroom is small, a medium-sized tub can nestle close to your mirror and the door. In addition, take into account your measurements and other bathroom accessories, as they also require space.

One-Piece or Two-Piece?

Primarily, there are two types of freestanding baths: one-piece and two-piece. The former is a single entity that you can place in the bathroom as it is. On the other hand, a two-piece tub consists of two parts joined to give the tub a proper shape. If you want to enjoy a luxurious, dream-like bath for a longer duration, then a two-piece bathtub facing the direction of Palm Beach will give you space and royalty-like treatment. Additionally, these tubs make it easier to install faucets without clashing with your legs. You can also place your bathroom products on the tub’s edge instead of the floor. However, for limited spaces, a one-piece bathtub is the best choice hot tub Manual.

The Faucet’s Position

The faucet is another factor to consider when buying baths in Sydney. If a faucet is already installed in the bathroom, position the bathtub close to it. On the other side, if you also need to purchase a tap, the tub you install should rely on its placement. Installing the bathtub in a corner would be best if you have a built-in faucet. Alternatively, if the faucet is attached to the floor, your tub can easily float in the middle of the bathroom.

What is Your Favourite Shape?

Don’t compromise your aesthetic choices for practical functions; both are important. Your bathtub’s shape will enhance your bathroom’s appearance and improve its ambience. The best thing about freestanding baths is that they fit all styles, from traditional designs to modern, chic bathrooms. Additionally, if you ever decide to sell your house, a maintained and gorgeous bathroom adds ten per cent to the house value. Choose the tub that reflects your style, whether a matte oval bathtub or a gloss rectangular one. 

Bathtub Material

Freestanding bathtubs come in various materials, all with separate functions. Three of the most popular bath materials are:

  • Fibreglass: Fibreglass tubs require minimal maintenance and have a relatively quick installation process.
  • Acrylic: If you want a chic bathroom, then acrylic bathtubs look modern.
  • Cast Iron: A cast iron tub is perfect for traditional décor, with a vintage and contemporary look. Due to the material’s weight, their installation process can be longer. However, it looks straight out of an interior design catalogue after installation.

In Syndey, the price of freestanding baths ranges from $1,090 to $6,690. When choosing baths in Sydney, space is an essential factor to consider. Measuring your bathroom’s available area helps determine the tub’s size and faucet placement. Another vital but overlooked factor to remember is the tub’s material since every material serves a different purpose.

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